Conference on Integrated Learning: The School-To-Career Connection

The Integrated Learning Conference  (ILC) is the best conference the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) puts on all year. It is my favorite event because all the best teachers bring their best practices (from around the Commonwealth) and share their work. I always return to school with renewed energy and thinking.

I will be presenting on two topics this year: (1) E-Portfolios and (2) Hatboro-Horsham’s Futures Fair. I’m going to post my presentations and handouts so attendees can easily refer to the links and resources provided.

1. Portfolios


A Career Portfolio is the tool your students need—whether they are looking for a job or seeking admission to college. This session will guide you through a step-by-step process of building a targeted collection of documents that provides employers and admissions offices with concrete evidence of what a student has done and presents their potential for the future. Learn how a carefully considered and well-presented portfolio can best validate a student’s skills and accomplishments and be the most effective self-marketing device for a great job and/or college admission. Includes electronic portfolios.

Student E-Portfolio example: Meet Hannah Hatboro *

*Hannah Hatboro is a fictional character. Her portfolio was designed to model similar portfolios created by students in our school.

Hannah Hatboro Resource Handout

2. Futures Fair

BRIEF DESCRIPTION “Making It Here” was the theme of Hatboro-Horsham’s 2011 Futures Fair and reflects the hope of the community that if students are made aware of local educational and career opportunities they’ll stay in the area or return after college to pursue their life paths. A Futures Fair is a hybrid event that connects high priority professions, post-secondary programs and 21st Century Skills to employment opportunity in our region. Learn how our community, school, business stakeholders, education foundation and post-secondary institutions partnered to teach students that they really can “make it here” (prepare for interesting professions that offer opportunity and family sustaining wages in our region).         

Download my PPT presentation to view slide notes.


Thanksgiving was last week-is it too late to offer thanks?

Yesterday I was lucky to spend the day with my Career Development (CDLN) friends from across the state of PA. I love meeting with this group because they are smart, creative and share everything (best practices, theory, strategy, etc). We enjoy healthy debate and students across the commonwealth benefit from this exchange.

I found myself sharing my new e-portfolio model with my CDLN colleagues. (PA requires all school districts have students begin a portfolio by 8th grade-PA Career Education and Work (CEW) Academic Standard 13.2.8D) My model was developed as an example for students. I used my own career to populate the pages of the portfolio. As I was explaining my e-portfolio, I realized that most of the professional examples used as evidence of who I am as a professional educator, was a result of being a member of this group.

My last post offered a video about sharing. To really harness the power of sharing, you must be willing to listen and contribute to your team, give and take. Sharing makes everyone (students and teachers) better, stronger, and learners. Have I ever thanked the CDLN for sharing so openly with me? Not until now—Thank you!