Integrating Career Development into Core Classrooms


Pennsylvania adopted Career Education and Work academic standards  (CEW) several years ago. A great idea but getting school districts and classroom teachers to integrate Career Development  activities in the general curriculum remains a challenge. There is always so much to do, common core, new teacher evaluations to worry about, curriculum to cover…you get the idea.

Over the school year, I worked with colleagues with the goal of developing CEW scaffolding for teachers. The scaffolds work across the curriculum. I will share our work below.

Please use the activities if you want to integrate Career Development activities in your classroom. (It’s easier than you think!) And if you try them, let me know what you think.

CEW-Putting CEW into Practice

CEW-The Problem Solving Process

CEW-Teamwork Rubric

CEW-Oral Presentation Rubric

CEW- Assignment-Project-Skills Inventory

CEW-Career Pathways- Aligned Skills Set

Additional resources: PA Career Standards, Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards Aligned System.


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