Are You Passion Driven?

I wrote this in December but was afraid to post it until I read Seth Godin’s post: Rightsizing your passion  In his post Seth states: “If you’re short on passion, it might be because your goals are too small or the fear is too big.” -Bingo.

From December:

Recently, a colleague stopped by my office. He sat down and said. “Sue, where are you? You are not doing what you do best and we need you back now!”  What he was really saying was, “Where has your passion gone?” I knew my colleague was correct in his observation. But the fact that he saw it and called me on it was my wake-up call!

Re-connecting with my passion? I’ve never lost my committment to career development, integrated and project based learning…….. What happened? I have been guilty of looking at “trees” and lost sight of the forest-uncharacteristic of me. I decided there and then that I had to fix this situation.

How do I re-gain focus?

I remembered two books I read last summer that made an impact. Focus by Smoker and The Passion Driven Classroom by Maiers & Sandvold. How can the teachers and students I work with connect with their passion if I am not modeling mine?

Then I thought about Lindsay Nixon and her blog The Happy Herbivore. Lindsay is my inspiration for becoming more healthy. Her writing is filled with passion.

“The road to success is long and complex — but follow your passion. It will lead the way.” -Lindsay Nixon

I will be sharing at least three of Lindsay’s blog posts with my students: (1) That Wake-up Call, (2) The World is my Oyster, (3) My Path to Success. They are that powerful! I encourage you to read them too.

Why I love PA CEW academic standards: They help us connect students to their passions!

Yesterday my school district superintendent payed a suprise visit. He explained that in February he is hosting a large suburban multi-county superintendent’s meeting and he wants me to speak about my work in community-based learning and career development (my passion). Wow!

What a difference a day makes.


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  1. so honored to be quoted!

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